Saturday, February 23, 2013

Europeans will not be convinced Tymshenko is a murderer

I liked this comment from 'Black_Booker' at the end of a thoughtful article in  '' which analyses the preliminary court hearings in the Shcherban murder case. [It is quite probable Yulia Tymoshenko will face criminal charges for commissioning the Donetsk politician's/businessman's killing, and could be sentenced to life imprisonment.]

"There is no sense in continuing to trample on Tymoshenko for 'domestic consumption' purposes: she is already in prison for seven years. The Ukrainian electorate has long since split into two camps: those who hate her, and those who worship her and will not be convinced by any of the prosecutors' fairytales. 

Furthermore, these fairystories are so primitive and so clumsily cobbled together , that even a large proportion of those opposed to Tymoshenko do not believe them.

To trample on Tymoshenko as a show for the Europeans makes no sense either. The level of confidence in Ukraine's judiciary there is almost zero. 

Deputy prosecutor Kuzmin's crazy show is not assessed by the Europeans in terms of our new Criminal Code, but rather from the point of view of their own best legal practice. It is scary to imagine what all this looks like in the eyes of Europeans. What an idiot you have to be to imagine that 27 parliaments in the 27 European Union countries will vote to integrate a country such as ours into the EU."

The Germans, who call most of the big shots in Europe, are amongst the most sceptical. More from Deutsche Welle, on this,  in English, here. [Their photo of Tymoshenko in this article dwarfs that of PM Azarov..]

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