Monday, June 24, 2013

Yats at Brookings - Leshchenko in London

Yatsenkyuk at the Brookings Institute - 1 Hour 20 Minute podcast here [Recommended - well worth listening to..]


Several months ago The London Ukrainian Institute offered a hearty welcome [lots of brown-nosing etc.] to ex president Viktor Yushchenko,

Yushchenko is the man who, as a prosecution witness,  gave highly dubious testimony at  Yulia Tymoshenko's 2010 trial. Yet without Tymoshenko's unqualified support during the Orange Revolution it is most unlikely Yushchenko would ever have become president.

One of the reasons why many of Ukraine's leaders are held in such low esteem is because of their blatant, widely recognised, politically motivated persecution of political opposition leaders like Tymoshenko ....aided and abetted, of course, by Yushchenko himself..

In a few day's time "Ukraine’s leading investigative journalist" Serhiy Leshchenko is to present his new book "The American saga of Pavlo Lazarenko" at the London Ukrainian Institute.

According to the London Ukrainian Institute's website:

"Sergii [sic.] Leshchenko is a leading Ukrainian investigative journalist and Civil Society activist. He specialises in anti-corruption investigations and political issues, and is renowned for his articles published in Ukraine’s most popular online publication Ukrainska Pravda. He has carried out journalistic investigations into the incumbent Ukrainian President’s lifestyle and financial interests of the ‘new Ukrainian elite’. "

A few years ago, during a press conference, Leshchenko asked the-then pres. Yushchenko a question about his son's spoilt brat Andriy's frequent boorish, antisocial behaviour. The president gave Leshchenko a humiliating public dressing down and called him "a killer".

I hope somebody at the London Ukrainian Institute asks prize-winning journalist Leshchenko what he thinks of Yushchenko....

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Anonymous said...

Yushchenko deserves no respect or support. Yushchenko once held the support of 52% of its citizens, support and in 2010 his support rating had dropped to less than 3%.

In 2006 Yushchenko caused teh collapse of the Orange revolution by failing to support the formation of a coalition government

Yushchenko should have been removed from office back in 2007 following his illegal and unconstitutional interference in Ukraine's court and his dismissal of Ukraine's previous parliament.

Yushenko consistently undermined Ukraine's parliament and opposed it's transition from presidential rule to a full system of Parliamentary democracy.

Yushchenko betrayed a nation, it's dreams and hopes for a better life and democracy itself. He has setback Ukraine's democratic development decades if not generations.