Sunday, June 23, 2013

Yulka's choice,,,and Yanukovych's choice

Vitaliy Pornikov, in an interesting comment, ponders over the recent visit of German Foreign Minister Westerwelle  to Ukraine.

Until now the German government's position on the imprisonment of Yulia Tymoshenko has been most firm - in their eyes it is a clear case of selective justice which hinders Ukraine's efforts for closer Euro-integration.

Westerwelle's visit could be an indication that Yanukovych may be reconsidering his position on Tymoshenko, and may even  possibly agree to allow his mortal foe to be released for medical treatment in Germany.

In order for all participants to save face, (Germany having already agreed to take Tymoshenko), the optimum option would be for Yanukovych to agree to her relocation, and for Tymoshenko herself to agree to go along with this.

She has a big decision to make - only she really knows how bad her medical condition is - how desperately she needs treatment; whether she will have greater influence on Ukrainian politics locked up in a closed hospital ward or prison cell in Ukraine, or from abroad.

If she refuses to go in spite of a possible humanitarian gesture from Yanukovych, faces will still be saved - the Ukrainian president would be more than happy if he makes the gesture but Tymoshenko refused to go. As Portnikov says, he will still have the bird in the cage, and the Association Agreement in his locker.

But Yanukovych is beginning to realise that if he refuses, it could be political suicide. If this were not the case Guido Westerwelle would not have been visiting Kyiv.

F.N. thinks releasing Tymoshenko would grate every instinct of a man with the criminal background of Yanukovych..never...ever give your enemy a second chance...An unshackled Tymoshenko becomes master of her own fate longer under his control...she has already brought down the last two Ukrainian presidents to their knees...

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elmer said...

Without a doubt, Portnikov is the best analyst in Zookraine.

He makes excellent says in the things that he says.

On the last "Freedom of Speech" show on ICTV, hosted by Andrew Kulikov, Alexandra Kuzhel said that Tymoshenko cannot get up without help, and that she is very, very seriously ill.

Despite all that, Yulia Tymoshenko has proxies via Yatseniuk and the entire Fatherland party, which just stated that she would be a candidate for president.

Notice that the "Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko" has been removed.

My question has always been whether Tymoshenko has learned anything about democracy in prison, and to me this is a sign that she has, along with her other statements coming out of prison.

This is in contrast to her HUGELY egotistical operation in the past, in which every step she made was photographed and posted on her web site.

She also viewed herself as a "benign queen," which is not democracy.

But in Zookraine, many people viewed themselves as "benign kings," such as Yushchenko.

On the other side, there is no pretense any more on the party of yanusvoloch and Bolshevik Regionnaires of being a benign anything.

They are a criminal enterprise, posing as a government, and they are literally spinning their heads like whirling dervishes trying to figure out ways to hand on to their brutally corrupt criminal regime.

Your blog has posted many of their methods, the attack on Kornatsky's agro-company by the fat boy Pshonkas being just the latest example.

I don't know why anyone would want to live in Zookraine under the current yanusvoloch regime and the Bolsehvik Regionnaire system.