Sunday, August 10, 2014

Collective madness against Ukraine [update 2]

If anyone has doubts as to Putin's intent to punish and subjugate Ukraine  then they should check out this video of a recent Biker show held in Sevastopol:

The crudest anti-Ukrainian propaganda concoction imaginable.. an Orwellian nightmare come true...on a par with Hitler's Germany..

What harm have Ukrainians done to Russians to deserve this?

p.s. the MC of the show, blurting the anti-Ukraine rhetoric, is Alexander Zaldostanov (a.k.a 'The Surgeon)', head of the Night Wolves. He allegedly has an enduring friendship with Putin himself, no less....

Update: This hate-show about #Ukraine was broadcast live on #Russia-2 TV channel. [source]

Here's a much shorter, 20-minute version..

Update 2: A great analysis of this diabolical show, and message from Putin,  from Buzzfeed here

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