Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Will Minsk 2014 be Munich 1938?

Former Putin adviser and now critic Andrei Illarionov, in his blog, quoting many sources, explains what, in his opinion, Putin and Merkel are proposing to Poroshenko and Ukraine in order to resolve the current war between these two countries.

The joint position of Putin and Merkel probably looks something like this:

- Bilateral unconditional cease-fire, which automatically means the legalisation of the separatists and their transformation into a legitimate party in endless negotiations.

- Determination of the internal political system of Ukraine not by Ukrainians, but by Russia and Germany, which will result in the eastern regions of Ukraine being granted special status, i.e. the creation of a "Ukrainian Transnistria" - Putin's beloved "Novorossiya."

- Denial of Ukraine not only from joining NATO, but also denial of any rapprochement with NATO, which would leave her under constant threat of attacks from its aggressive neighbour.

- Denial of Ukraine joining the European Union.

- Solution of gas issues to the satisfaction of Gazprom and Germany.

- For Ukraine's agreement on these points, "Novorossiya" in the Donbas will receive 500 million. Euros from the European Union (Germany) .

Ilaryonov compares the proposed deal to the 1938 Munich Agreement when Hitler was appeased and Czechoslovakia sold down the river. Poroshenko in Minsk will be in a similar position to Czech president of the day, Edvard Benes...

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