Monday, February 09, 2015

Huge explosion in Donetsk tonight

A huge explosion ripped through Donetsk tonight. Videos of the blast here

It was probably an ammuntion dump blowing up.

Bur locals joke that it was freshly delivered Russian humanitarian 'tushonka' [dodgy canned stewed meat popular in Ukraine and Russia..] that had exploded...

There are some claims an ammo dump was hit by Ukrainian artillery...and a significant number of heavy weaponry also destroyed. Destruction is probably so great that a major attack on Ukrainian-held territory could be halted or at least seriously delayed.

p.s If you watch Russian television newsreels and analysis you would certainly receive the impression that chances of any ceasefire soon are very slim. The vilification and anti-Ukrainian and anti-West invective is off the scale..Moscow is gripped by madness worthy of Pyongyang....the nation is being prepared for the worst..

Tonight's 'earthquake' in Donetsk is perhaps the first bit of luck Ukies have had for quite a while.

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Anonymous said...

why isnt this being reported anywhere else??