Friday, November 26, 2004

Hot water

We have been expecting the electricity to go off, or the telephone or any one of a number of other things to happen to make life more difficult for us because of this revolution. And we woke up this morning to the fact that we do not have any hot water. It is off right now and we can do nothing about it because it all comes from a central location and is pumped into the buildings here. (This is true of the heating also. The joke is that it is “central heating” but by central here they mean really central, that is outside of the apartment building in some other, central location.)

Ordinarily, we would blame it on the unrest. But the funny thing is that we lose our hot water all the time, usually on holidays—I guess the workers have the day off too-- but not always. So this one is probably our normal, periodic loss of hot water.

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