Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The press

Some of the local TV stations' employees are not at work today. That has caused a change in programming. Originally, they were planning to broadcast a program about Yanukovych but now that the employees are not there they will be broadcasting something else instead. Maybe that is a way to protest on the part of the media?

It was interesting to me that the TV stations, which had been so pro-government and pro-Yanukovych, were being highly critical of both on election night. And some were broadcasting the protest down at Independence Square. I thought the pressure might have come off or that the stations were refusing to cave in anymore.

But yesterday, they were not showing anything on the protest during the day. Not anything about it. Later in the evening, a station broadcast some parts of a speech, but there were no shots of the crowd. Maybe the pressure's back? Or maybe I was a little premature in my original assessment?

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