Saturday, November 27, 2004

Today on the square

We just got back from going down to the square. There were more people than at any other time I have gone down. People were everywhere. They say there is a million of them. I don't know what a million people looks like. But I do know there are more people there than I have ever seen in one place in my life.

I thought they might begin to disperse after the announcement of the negotiations. But regardless of how they characterize it anywhere else, it was really a demand. Yuschenko and supporters have given them a day or two to come up with a plan for new elections. And he has asked people to stay on the square and for more to join them.

There has also been a call go out on the radio for supplies for the Yanukovych supporters out at the train station. They are apparently without anything. Looks like Yanukovych has left them to fend for themselves. Ten thousand men at the train station brought in by Yanukovych. Beautiful.


Anonymous said...

*grin* Thanks for opening up anon comments. Every time I've tried to register with Blogger, I get weird errors, and you just keep posting things that I want to comment upon! Is your hot water back on? We've had no probs so far. . .

I've been so amazed and encouraged by the outpouring of support and concern among the Ukrainians in the Square. Like your mother-in-law, there has been such a personal involvement. And it's been so humbling to see the outreach among the Yushchenko supporters to their ill-equipped, ill-fed brothers who are Yanukovich supporters. Bringing food to the miners on the hill, to the people at the train station. . . I've had such amazing hope for Ukraine since this all began.

Scott W. Clark said...

No problem. Didn't know it might be an issue.

The water was back on that day. Can't wait for the holiday season for the spotty service.

How are you and your husband doing? We are out on the edge of town and out of the way. But we still have been under the tension. How are you all handing it?