Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tapping files with his finger

Tapping files and saying, "I have the evidence right here!" is a familiar thing to Americans. But it ain't the same thing as evidence--Ukrainian Journal .

Now kompromat is the tactic? Central control of the economy, orders to governors to bring in higher agricultural yields, state control over oil refineries, and now kompromat. Could it be simply a case of nostalgia, a longing for the good old days?

In response to Turchynov's claim, reported here, that there was no evidence he had been poisoned, Yuschenko responded

"That's rubbish," Yushchenko said in New York where he is attending a U.N. General Assembly session. "The SBU didn't have enough time for the investigation
because it had been busy spying on friends."

That says it all doesn't it? And it's a good start. Yuschenko should beat them over the head with those files. All this effort to get a government in place and Tymoshenko and allies give press conferences tapping files with the evidence, well, er, inside of course.

Some of this might be Yuschenko's fault though. He should have been a bit more circumspect in what he alleged about Tymoshenko. But he said she was busy trying to get the debts of her company canceled as PM. Who knows if it is true, but it is an allegation of something big and highly damaging and it is not easily proven. It is natural for people to want some evidence of it rather than a statement that it was done. Without that evidence forthcoming, it is susceptible to the claim that it is just nasty politicking. And it opens up the gate to tit for tat.

He needs better advice than he seems to be getting.

Anyway, just one more reason why Yuschenko needs to come out and make his case to the people.

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