Friday, September 23, 2005

What was given up

According to this / World / Europe - Yushchenko overcomes crisis in Ukraine--this was given up in the vote for PM:

Mr Yushchenko and Mr Yanukovich jointly pledged to ensure fair parliamentary elections in March and to adopt an amnesty for all people suspected of forging votes in last year's elections, in which Mr Yanukovich was initially declared the winner until Mr Yushchenko convinced the Supreme Court that the voting had been rigged and a re-run was held which Mr Yushchenko won.

In other words, the only thing that could be considered new would be the amnesty. The rest he was sorta, kinda obligated to do anyway.

Of course, there was some talk he would repudiate the amendments giving the PM and Parliament the major power. If that was the case, you could argue that he gave that up with the agreement. But, really, this agreement doesn't obligate him to do anything in the end. If he repudiated it, people would accuse him of opportunism. That wouldn't be anything more than he will be charged with now anyway. But if it serves a larger purpose, he could and should do it down the road if he needs to.

The real problem is that something needs to get done. There needs to be some real reform and quick in the next few months. The past eight months or so have been a total waste in terms of what has been done compared with what should have been done and could have been done, the squandered opportunities. Get something done and all of this will have been justified.

And he needs to get out and tell the people about it.

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Anonymous said...

What effect do you think it will make, if any, that in signing an agreement with Yanu which helped the PM get voted in - will this legitimize Yanukovych as the opposition leader and not Tymoshenko. Is she being pushed off the political stage to the sidelines by way of a piece of paper (the agreement)?