Monday, May 22, 2006

Andriy Yush in hot water..again.

According to an article in the normally-staid 'Korespondent', President Yushchenko's spoiled brat of a son, Andriy, is in 'hot water' again.

Last Friday evening his BMW was pulled up by the Boryspil prosecutor, Oleksandr Kuzovkin, after Andriy's 'beemer' had overtaken him and 'carved him up'. The occupants of both automobiles got out of their vehicles and Kuzovkin, having recognized the young Yushchenko, announced who he was. After Kuzovkin explained that the 'beemer' was being driven recklessly and that an accident may have been the result, Andriy verbally abused, and then assaulted him. For good measure, Andriy Y's bodyguard shot Kuzovkin in the thigh with a rubber bullet, and they left him wounded, lying in the road.

The 'Korespondent' article says, 'Andriy Yushchenko promised the prosecutor in a course manner, that tomorrow he would be sitting in prison, and subjected to humiliation of a sexual nature.' [Very coy..]

The police consider the incident to be 'of an everyday nature, [well that's all right then] and Yushchenko's press office has asked people not to jump to conclusions, but wait for an official statement from law-enforcement officials.

There have been rumors over many months that Yushchenko, like his predecessor, sometimes cannot resist, and solves problems by 'phoning and 'leaning' on people when required. The Ukrainian media will be watching closely - if Andriy receives any preferential treatment [which he probably will,] this, hopefully, will be exposed. These stories are doing great damage to the President's prestige..but hey, does he really care? Last time Andriy made a fool of himself, the Pres. called the journalist from 'Ukrainska Pravda', who ran the story, 'a hired killer.'

Now the prosecutor-general's office has announced that amongst the materials in the case of bodily harm rendered to the Borispil procurator, 'there is no information on the President's son's involvement in any of these incidents'.

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