Friday, May 12, 2006

Yushchenko interview

Polish newspaper 'Gazeta Wyborcza,' whose exemplary reporting of the Orange Revolution and after was second to none, today published an interview with President Yushchenko - He probably feels more relaxed talking with 'G.W's' journalists than with those in Ukraine, so his replies were candid and revealing.

When asked whether Ukraine's path to integration with the European Union was still a subject of dispute, he replied that this was no longer the case. "30% of our exports today go to EU markets - 5 years ago it was barely 18%. Ukrainian businesses have already voted with their feet for a European direction for the country. We are conviced that the large European market is opening for us - but it is also a challenge...We are not confronted with a choice as to which way we are to go - East or West - but with the task of fulfilling conditions, necessary for integration," he added.

In reply to a question whether he would agree to Yuliya Tymoshenko becoming PM again, he quoted the results of the OP about which I blogged a couple of days ago - perhaps indicating that he takes account of OP's too. [I wonder what his own current ratings are]. He states unequivocally, "An Orange Coalition is the best possibility," and "..[the possibility] of an orange-blue coalition is excluded for today."

And would he agree to Tymoshenko occupying the PM's position? "I do not exclude this. But the most important task is to find a formula for a stable coalition. I especially do not allow discussions on allocation of [governmental] posts...without determination of goal[s], discussions on [ministerial] portfolios will bury the orange coalition." He should read Tammy Lynch's excellent piece on the recent German coalition-building process, and why personnel decisions have to be sorted out first.

Partiya Regioniv are complaining that 'nobody likes them no more'. They blame BYuT, the NU bloc, and Socialists' representatives for frustrating the working group preparing formalities for the first session of the newly-elected VR.

The orange parties' representatives failed to turn up for the first meeting of the working group, then their representatives were unprepared for subsequent meetings, which ended without any progress being made. PR appeal to their fellow committee members to work constructively and to act in a professional manner. They consider that representatives of NU, Socialists and BYuT are putting at risk the opening of the first VR session scheduled for 24th May. [Maybe because they are incapable of sorting out an Orange coalition before that date?]

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