Saturday, July 28, 2007


BBC Ukrainian service reveals that reports are appearing on some [unattributed] websites of agreements between Yu and Ya on the formation of a post-election coalition.

Rumour has it that they have agreed on how chairs in the new cabinet of ministers are to be 'divvied up'. Apparently Ya is to remain PM, whilst the 'syloviy bloc' is to be selected by the pres. More importantly, there are rumours that Ya will not stand for president in 2009 - giving Yu a clear run against any other opponent.

Politolog Volodymyr Fensenko says that in both camps, i.e. in PoR and in NUNS, everyone understands that it will be necessary to make some kind of deal, even if this is not on the creation of a joint parliamentary coalition, then at least on a regime of coexistence, and also on a common algorithm to solve the constitutional crisis.

"It is necessary to come to an arrangement so that a renewal of the political crisis does not occur as a result of the election campaign, when one or the other side could either not recognise the results of these elections, or simply provoke a new political crisis. There may be agreements being made about this, but hardly on the creation of a coalition."

Interesting, nevertheless..

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Anonymous said...

Was the following business deals the real reason why PM Yanukovych spent so many days in Spain aside from knee surgery which could have been done in Ukraine?

"Deputy PM Rybak holds working met Spanish businessmen

Today Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Rybak held a working meeting with representatives of business circles of Spain, according to the government’s press-office.

The event dealt with a series of issues concerning construction and reconstruction of objects of housing and communal services of Ukraine.

Besides, they have achieved understanding in terms of cooperation in preparing and holding in Ukraine Football Championship of 2012."