Monday, July 09, 2007

Yanuk AWOL

President Yushenko today hosted a meeting with Polish president Lech Kaczinski at his presidential Carpathian mountain residence 'Synyohora'. The main topic of conversation was the Euro 2012 football tournament being jointly staged by Ukraine and Poland. Several ministers and ambassadors from both sides were present.

Meanwhile prime minister Yanukovych is still in Barcelona on a follow-up visit after a recent knee operation. He missed the sizeable 75th anniversary celebrations of the Donetsk oblast over the weekend- even though, as Ukraine's most popular politician, he enjoys such public occasions. He has even stayed away for his birthday today. His son Viktor jnr. will visit him in Barcelona.

Also taking part at the 'Synyohora' meeting was Rinat Akhmetov, who arrived in his own private jet... and with Fyodorovich out of the country..


Anonymous said...

I am betting any money that Yanuk has had lipo. and perhaps even some cosmetic surgery. Recovery takes awhile esp. at his age. I look forward to the before and after shots.

I don't know if you featured the following (if so, I apologize) but Kontrakty has an interesting article on the up and coming businesspeople in Ukraine under the title - Who will replace Akhmetov?

Anonymous said...

You ought to take a look at this, regarding the sale of Ukraine's only submarine, and the cutback of its naval forces: