Saturday, August 09, 2008

Georgia crisis

Check out this interview with old warhorse Richard Holbrooke on the crisis in South Ossetia crisis.

On Thursday the 'Economist' predicted: "It is all too easy to imagine misjudgements on either side leading to a real war." How right they were.

The Russian Foreign Ministry is already trying to put some of the blame for the problems on Ukraine Also here

'Semi-official' Russian observers claim "Western countries and Ukraine have supplied Georgia with an arsenal of heavy weaponry.."

LEvko's view is that Russia doesn't give a fig about Ossetians.

S. Ossetia is all but cut of from N. Ossetia during the winter. What this is all about is about 'The Great Game' and the trashing of Georgia's desire to join NATO.

Nevertheless, the Ossetians [and Abkhazians] have national rights too..

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Anonymous said...

And Tymoshenko keeps quite on the crisis, after striking deals with the devil.(Putin)