Friday, August 15, 2008

Yulka hedging her bets

Deputy head of President Yushchenko's Secretariat Andriy Kyslynskyi, claims, that according to the Secretariat's investigations: "There are certain agreements between BYuT and Russia's leaders about their support in future elections."

Several NUNS deputies have already suggested the reason for the absence of any comments by PM Tymoshenko on the current S. Ossetian conflict is her wish to gain Russia's support in the 2010 Presidential elections. There are rumours that she is on holiday somewhere on a Mediterranean island.

Head of President Yushchenko's Secretariat Viktor Baloha is demanding Tymoshenko finally comes clean and say whether she is 'for Russia or for Georgia'.

BYuT VR deputy Serhiy Teryokin declared that the dearth of comments from representatives of his party about the events in Georgia is due to their desire "not to fall-out with the President."

Her signature, together with that of Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko is missing from the National Security and Defence Council's decision to limit the movement of Russia's Black sea fleet based in Sevastopol.

She and her ministers may be mindful that soon she will be engaging in tough haggling with Gazprom over fuel price and deliveries. Already some commentators in Moscow have praised her for keeping 'shtum', adding: "Naturally, any increase in tension between Ukraine and Russia would negatively influence all aspects of our co-operation, including gas negotiations."

'Segodnya' reports that President Saakashvili's Dutch wife Sandra is sheltering in a secure government lodge on the Crimean coast together with her children as a guest of President Yushchenko's wife Kateryna. Looks nice. So much better than a bunker in Tbilisi - and may even offer a good view of the war ships bobbing up and down the Black Sea.

Oh, and how come the Georgian navy was caught with its pants down in Poti, allowing their ships to be sunk at their moorings in port?

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