Monday, August 18, 2008

Pres's secretariat accuses PM of treason

Deputy head of the Presidential Secretariat, Andriy Kyslynskyi, has posted a nasty little statement on the official secretariat site entitled: "There are indications of state treason and political corruption in the actions of the current prime minister, says Andriy Kyslynskyi"

He declares that according to available information, the political leadership of the Russian Federation is carefully considering a decision to support the candidature of PM Yulia Tymoshenko in the Ukrainian Presidential elections [late next year] after the fulfillment of the condition by the PM and her political force to adopt a passive position on the Georgian conflict."

According to the posting, "nearly one billion US dollars have been reserved for the project to support Yulia Tymoshenko." It alleges that while on holiday in Sardinia, she has been plotting with 'yesterday's politicians' including disgraced former President Kuchma and his eminence grise Viktor Medvedchuk.'

Where this leaves the current ruling parliamentary coalition heaven knows. Fancy Tymoshenko lying in the sun with the man she used to publicly call 'the red cockroach'.

Business daily 'Delo' today announces that Russia is starting a trade war against Ukraine. Heavy industry in the country's eastern oblasts, including Rinat Akhmetov's SCM could be hard hit by shortfalls in deliveries of Russian coking coal.

As these oblasts are most inclined to support closer co-operation with the Russian Federation, wouldn't such a trade war be counter-productive?

ps The Russian Black Sea Fleet is not rushing to return to its base in Crimea. [Maybe to avoid the sight of it's capital ship being limply towed into port?]

If the fleet did indeed suffer damage in the recent conflict with Georgia, then this enabled Yushchenko to score cost-free points by announcing he was restricting their return.


Anonymous said...

Yushchenko has by all accounts destabilised and undermined the government at every step. It is difficult to see what if any chances there is to any future government working with the Presidential Office.


All that we have witnessed is the ongoing and destructive power struggle between the Office of the President , who act more as the opposition or enemy from within.

Yushchenko went to great steps in 2007 to dismiss,unconstitutionally the previous parliament, in the process he undermined Ukraine's democratic development,even going so far as to illegally and unconstitutional interfering with the operation and independence of Ukraine's highest judicial office "The constitutional Court of Ukraine"

Yushchenko mush accept the sole responsibility for his actions which have done little to further Ukraine's interests and if anything has seriously contributed to Ukraine's high inflation rate.

It is clear that the relationship between the Parliamentary Government and the Presidential Office is unreconcilable and something has to be done quickly.

Yushchenko must be replaced as soon as possible. The question is by who?

The longer Ukraine continues in this state of internal conflict the worst it gets.

Yushchenko clearly can not work with anyone outside his immediate and limited circle of confidants.

Surely this has not escaped the attention of the parliament and the Office of the President?

Yushchenko knows that something must give and that his time asPresident is limited. He appears to be now embarked on a total campaign of self destruction and is taking Ukraine with him.

The only option for Ukraine now is to hold a democratic revolution of governance.

Modify Ukraine's constitution removing all power from the office of the President and establish Ukraine as parliamentary democracy in line with other European States.

The longer the delay the worst it will get.

Yushchenko must resign or be impeached.

Clay Perry said...

i like the blog!

Anonymous said...

Yushchenko's actions have sometimes indeed been extremely puzzling, to say the leat. He made the right decisions which led to snap parliamentary elections, because the Party of Regions was trying to buy up the whole parliament, and just like the voters in the mayoral elections in Kyiv, members of parliament were selling their votes, and their souls, and their country.

Yushchenko's latest attacks on Tymoshenko, via surrogates, are not only stupid, they are insane. They degrade the office of the President. His accusations and counter-accusations with Zhvania about his poisoning are also bizarre.

But stupid politics is not grounds for impeachment.

And, thanks to rasha's "peacekeeping" invasion of Georgia, every oligarch has to be asking himself - do I want to wind up in Siberia like Khodorkovsky?

No matter what "guarantees" they might get from a rooshan regime, they know that those are good only at Putin's pleasure. Today, a guarantee for an oligarch from Putin - tomorrow, Siberia.

The other question the oligarchs need to ask themselves - how long do they want to keep robbing the people blind, and turning them into beggars via government?

Do the oligarchs want beggars supporting Ukraine, or do they want a country of strong, vibrant people, in a free, strong and independent and sovereign democracy?

Regardless of who are "ethnic Russians" in Ukraine, history shows that the rooshan know only one thing when it comes to government - brutality.

So - do they want a brutal rooshan government, as it is in rasha today, or do they want fresh air and freedom?

Nothing like a rooshan invasion to focus one's mind.

Unknown said...

UkrToday makes interesting comments in most instances, but he has always been VERY pro-PoR and has a tendency to be misleading instead of being critically honest about PoR.

I often tend to agree with Elmer. He made a couple of very interesting points in this posting:
1. "The other question the oligarchs need to ask themselves - how long do they want to keep robbing the people blind, and turning them into beggars via government?"
I have come to the conclusion that the oligarchs no longer care about the people, even with the threat by Russia. That includes Yush and Yulia and especially people like Yanu, Renat and Baloha. This political stalemate is nothing more than a selfish clan war.

2. "Do the oligarchs want beggars supporting Ukraine, or do they want a country of strong, vibrant people, in a free, strong and independent and sovereign democracy?"
If they were smart, and I'm beginning to think most of them are not, they could have all that and still gain in wealth. But...many of these oligarchs grew up under the Russians and learned the Russian "thug mafia" mentality, where force works better than intellect or new ideas.

As a result, it will take generations for Ukraine to become a strong nation, but I fear that Russia will not let that happen...and the West will not interfer.

Anonymous said...

Gene. Speak for yourself and not others.

if anything I am pro-Parliament and pro-rule of law. Always have been and always will be. I most certainly do not support Presidential dictatorships. Porto date has shown they can provide stability and rational government.

I most stridently opposed the unconstitutional dismissal of Ukraine's democratically elected Parliament in 2007 and Yushenko's illegal interference in the independence and operation of Ukraine's constitutional court. Both go against the principle of a true democracy.


Whilst I am critical of Yulia Tymoshenko I am also supportive of her. If she maintains the support of the parliament then I believe she has the right to govern.

I also believe, for what it is worth, the Ukraine's future lies with Europe and not the USA. Ukraine should look to Europe for it political guidance and remain in good relations with it neighboring states.

Thanks but not thanks. I can speak for myself even if you can not.