Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Election in midst of global crisis?

BYuT spin doctors say "An appeal by prominent members of Ukraine's business community, to avoid a pre-term parliamentary election, appears to have gone unheeded as President Viktor Yushchenko declared his intention to hold consultations on the possible dissolution of parliament on 7 October. On Saturday, his press office confirmed he will give lawmakers until next Tuesday to agree a new coalition and thereafter may dissolve parliament and call the third parliamentary election in as many years."

Yulia Tymoshenko, during her 3rd October press conference following her visit to Moscow, commented on Yushchenko's threat thus: "When the world is being torn apart by a financial crisis it is absolutely irresponsible to cast into political chaos parliament, the government, the [Ukrainian] politicum, the country. I will never support this."

In all of the world's major democracies political parties are rallying together to try and save their countries' citizens from what could be the greatest global finacial calamity in over 60 years. But president Yushchenko will probably dismiss parliament soon and create even more political turmoil...crazy.

Meanwhile, Ukraine's steel-makers, vital to the economy, are in deep trouble.


Anonymous said...

polls can't be looking too good then for BYUT

Anonymous said...

Political instability is one of the major factors of Ukraine's high inflation rate. Yushchenko war on democracy is having a detrimental effect on Ukraine's economy. Yushchenko appears more concerned with clinging on to power then Ukraine. The sooner Yushchenko leaves office the better off Ukraine will be. If fresh elections are held hopefully the Ukrainain public will deliever their vote of no confidence in the president by voting against his political party Our Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

comments are goiing unpublished, ?I trustthis is not a form of political censorship imposed by elmir.

Anonymous said...

Probably at the suggestion of Ukrtoday..We all know he doesnt publish opposing views on his blog.

Anonymous said...

Levko and Scott are doing an excellent job.

I assure you that I have absolutely no control over this site. None. Nada.

That's not sovok talk, either. That's straight talk.