Friday, October 03, 2008

Yushchenko's real intentions

Persistent speculation continues that despite agreement to reassemble the orange coalition president Yushchenko intends to dissolve the Ukrainian parliament and sack PM Tymoshenko [yet again].

If the coalition deal is not finalized by midnight Thursday, the president could dissolve parliament.

Statements by him during a press conference in Lviv today show how deep is his mistrust of Tymoshenko. When speaking of the BYuT/NUNS coalition he said: "The spirit of coalition agreement had less value for the premier than the paper it was written on. It's disgusting ['Tse nabrydlo' according to one version]."

[The president's own website carries the same quote in a report on his visit to Lviv entitled: 'The president doubts the sincerity of the intentions of coalition partners during today's voting in parliament', but 'Tse nabrydlo' is replaced by 'this is political charlatanism '.. Hmm.. ]

The article claims that although he welcomes today's cancellation of non constitutional decisions accepted in parliament in early September [by the combined votes of BYuT and PoR], he asks, "What is the guarantee that after 10 days the attention of [our] partners will not [again] be turned and they [the resolutions] will be voted in again? Is this not a threat.. such political behaviour?"

"I am convinced that we can return back, but with changes to [our] responsibilities, to our public behaviour... finally, to force the goverment to work productively, not for the cameras, not for constant shows, but to drive the nation, the economy, forward."

In LEvko's opinion Yushchenko is aware that had Tymoshenko had her way during and after the Orange Revolution, former president Kuchma would be behind bars today. If Tymoshenko were to be elected president in the next presidential elections late next year could he be sure that she would leave him in peace? Can he risk her becoming president?

Yushchenko's own statements today only add substance to the speculation on his true intentions.

p.s. Leading PoR deputy, Taras Chornovil, has resigned from the party. In an interview with the BBC he suggests Yushchenko may be cunningly planning early parliamentary elections for the Orthodox Christmas holidays period. The electorates' current disenchantment with politics and the timing of any such election may mean the necessary 50%+ turn-out required for them to be valid may not be achieved.

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