Friday, December 31, 2010

Herman's Freudian slip

Yesterday, Hanna Herman, commenting on criticism from from the European People’s Party and others about politically motivated persecution of members of Ukraine's political opposition, said:

"However, Ukraine should get used to the fact that people are appointed to a high office not to promote their drivers [reference to now-detained former Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko who had allegedly promoted his driver to an officer’s rank]. Power is given to serve the people.."

Ironic that shortly after her own appointment to the position of deputy head of Yanukovych's presidential administration last Spring, Herman's son, Mykola Korovitsyn, [now Herman] was appointed Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations.

His experience prior to this? As an aide to parliamentary deputy Taras Chornovil, and..being his mum's driver...[More here] ..... what a nice boy..

Would not someone with a lifetime's experience in the emergency services or, perhaps from a military background be more suited for this loft deputy minister's job ?

[The Minister of Emergency Situations at the time, Nestor Shufrych said that young Mykola ..was good at languages...]

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