Thursday, December 23, 2010

NBU "privatised"

Our stone-face hero from yesterday's blog, 34-year old Serhiy [Who ate all the pies?] Arbuzov, was duly confirmed governor of the National Bank of Ukraine, by 280 votes in the VR today..[I just had to post that mug-shot again..the one on the official NBU site is maybe even worse..]

He was clearly 'underwhelmed' by this, declining to say any words at all to those present - no words of thanks, nothing about his views on the current economic situation, nothing of his past...nothing.

Deputy PM Boris Kolesnikov "promised reporters that they would soon have a chance to talk with newly appointed governor and hear from him what he is planning to do to strengthen the independence of the central bank and the country's banking system" - needs a grown-up to hold his hand?

As my daddy used to say: "Ni z glovy movy - ni z dupy perdu" [Not a word from head - not a fart from the Polish..sort of]

p.s. Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who was deputy head of the NBU for a couple of years and acting head for half a year, claims that "by appointing one of their own, it means one thing - they [the Yanuk clan] have privatised the NBU."

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