Friday, December 31, 2010

Selective application of law..normal for Ukraine..

Arrests of some organisers have recently been made after large protests and demonstrations by small and medium-sized businessmen in Kyiv's Independence Square earlier this month.

One, or more of the organisers have been charged with criminal damage to the square's granite paving - 200,000 hryven's worth of damage was allegedly caused by protester's hammering tent pegs into gaps between paving stones.

But, as this excellent well illustrated reveals, in 2007, when Party of Regions, who were then in opposition, staged mass protests on the same spot, official Kyiv city authority's records show in total, 3,000,000 hryvnyas of extra costs were incurred by the city, including repair of damage, as a direct result of the demonstrations.

Photos from the official PoR regions website clearly show large tent stakes hammered into the paving...

Will any arrests of PoR's 2007 demonstration organizers take place now Mrs Herman?

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