Monday, November 14, 2011

Latest Hesinki Committee Report on Tymoshenko Trial

Latest Helsinki Committee report on the Tymoshenko case has just been posted here:,III,English.pdf

It will be much quoted in the days to come....

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Bernard said...

This report is extremely embarrassing for Yanukovych. Not only does it point out that he is incapable of understanding the difference between suspicions and convictions, it also highligts that he is openly lying when claiming that "there are two court decisions, an American and a Russian, which in detail describe what she is guilty of". As the report underlines, "the sentence against Pavlo Lazarenko in the US has nothing to do with the UESU case", which anyone can check. Furthermore, the report goes on to say "the former head of the Russian Ministry of Defence Military Budget Department general Olejnik was acquitted on 26.11.2003 by the Presidium of the Russian Supreme Court". Consequently, Yanukovych is lying. EU officials will certainly read this report carefully, and unfortunately for Yanukovych, it will once again confirm to them that Yanukovych is stupid, deceitful and totally without credibility. The enormous damage for Ukraine to have such an incompetent president can hardly be overestimated.