Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tymoshenko's condition shames Yanukovych and Azarov to action

On November 9th it was reported that Yulia Tymoshenko could not move independently or get out of bed because of back problems. State Tax Service investigators continued to question her despite her physical condition. Defence attorneys were denied access because Tymoshenko was unable to leave her cell. There had been reports several days earlier that Tymoshenko was bed-ridden and that her body was covered in large bruises.

On November 14th First Deputy Minister of Health Raisa Moiseenko declared the former prime minister did not require hospitalisation and was prescribed treatment inside the prison. After examination by Ministry of Health officials "medical contra-indications preventing questioning of Yulia Tymoshenko in prison were not found". Prison authorities claimed Tymoshenko had systematically refused to be examined by their in-house medical practitioners, but that necessary treatment was nevertheless being provided.

Despite all of this, last week a Ministry of Health Commission recommended Yulia Tymoshenko undergo diagnostic magnetic resonance scanning in hospital. However, such an examination, according Minister of Health Olexander Anischenko, could only be approved by court decision - i.e. everyone was pointing the finger everyone else [Without a signal from 'vozhd' nothing happens, right?]

Last Sunday Ukrainian human rights ombudsman Nina Karpachova visited Tymoshenko in prison. On Monday, in a TV interview, she called Tymoshenko's condition: "extremely serious" and said she had lost 5-7 kg in weight.

Rather ominously, Tuesday's 'Segodnya' even claimed her symptoms could indicate cancer.
Other reports mention a chronic long-standing spinal condition resulting from an accident that occurred several years ago.

Today, Tuesday, perhaps after an 'earhole bashing' from Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite, both Yanukovych and PM Azarov, [those two well-known sadists - element of fear has to brought to fore..etc.] were falling over themselves to pompously declare everything possible would be done to ensure Tymoshenko receives good medical care.

Even former president Yushchenko got in on the act, saying through gritted teeth that every Ukrainian was entitled to proper medical care, including those in prison...

What a shit-bag....when he was famously poisoned in 2004 those now in power were claiming it was 'just something he ate..maybe shushi..' or it was just a reaction to after-shave'... He didn't trust the Ukrainian heath services either. Has he forgotten? When he was in agony for days it was Tymoshenko who carried the Orange Revolution on her own...without her he would have been been nowhere..what a total shit-bag...


Anonymous said...

"Tymoshenko carried on her own". Wow. What a heroine!!!! She did get to be PM for it. Does Yush, personally owe her thanks? She wasn't doing it for him personally. Some might say she was doing it for Ukraine but com'on, nowadays most of us wouldn't say that about any poltician at all.

Anonymous said...

Questions are still unanswered as to why Yushchenko's blood samples tested in the EU had been sent to the EU laboratories via the USA?

And why Yushchenko has refused to provide additional blood samples under controlled conditions for independent analysis.

Yushchenko was President for five year and not one judicial inquiry into the allegations of his poisoning. Why has the evidence not been tested in a court of law and subject to cross examination?

LEvko said...

Whatever you think about either of them most agree that without Tymoshneko's efforts it is most unlikely Yushchenko would have become president. He did not have any faith in the Ukr medical system either...As they say 'no good deed should go unpunished...'