Friday, November 04, 2011

Only old and poor protesting at the moment..

Protesters angry over cuts to benefits and subsidies scuffled with riot police outside Ukraine's parliament building on Thursday. They were joined by squeezed small-time entrepreneurs.

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And watch some tv footage of what happened here

Unlike demonstrations elsewhere, most of the protesters in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities seem to be well into grey-haired middle age with their knitted woolly hats and headscarves.

I think it is fair to conclude these folks were demonstrating because they really are desperate...they are at the end of their is is a matter of survival. You have to really feel sorry for them.

But they present no threat, they did not look anything like a violent mob, poor dears..

However if disaffected youngsters in their late teens and early twenties, the sort of people who normally demonstrate, were ever join them... These things are so hard to predict...


elmer said...

Holy shit!


The "oldsters" managed to knock down a fence - more than once!

Yefremov and The Pineapple started shitting their pants, if you look at the articles that were published.

No threat?

There were old ladies and old men - and they managed to knock down the stupid fences, even with Berkut,the paramilitary police, on the other side.

They present no threat?

So how come The Pineapple is crapping all over the newspapers, talking about "guns" and all sorts of other nonsense?

LEvko said...

Elmer - The fences around my local infants's school are more substantial than those around the VR. These are not proper demo's because poor desperate old folks physically do not have the stamina and energy for this..

I was pointing out that if you look at the faces of the demonstrators they are predominantly in their 50's+

I really feel for them [being of that generation myself]...they are, tragically, at the bottom of the muck heap and deserve much, much better. But where are their children and grandchildren? Revolution is a 'young man's game..

However, yesterday's protesters are keeping the flame burning...and that is more important than anything else...all credit to them..

Anonymous said...


Do not underestimate the power of Bubuskas They are a power to be reckoned with. They know their strength. The mililtsa can not attack them as they can young people, they can not be arrested and they know it. Yes they are the most disadvantaged group but they know how the system works. They lived though most of the communist Soviet times. If there is to be a Peoples uprising it will be this generation that will lead they way. The young will follow. Unlike in the west the young are not the power engine of revolutions in Ukraine the bubuskas are.