Friday, March 23, 2012

Beware the Youtube generation

Several days ago a criminal investgation was opened into the illegal felling of 9 hectares of forest in the elite Koncha Zaspa region near Kyiv. Over 4 thousand trees have allegedly been chopped down without permission by a company building an exclusive boarding school for local VIP residents. Photo of proposed project here

Because of the nature of the project, the amount of money involved, and the corrupt way these matters are arranged, the chances the project will be terminated are slim even though there already apparently exists a moratorium on the felling of trees in this ecologically important area designated solely for recreational purposes.

On Wednesday, a group of masked activists/vigilantes, maybe several dozen in number, took matters into their own hands. They raided and trashed the building site then posted a video of their action on youtube.

So far there have been over 20,000 viewings of the youtube video

Will these kind of protests become more common? There are many people out there seriously pissed with the way the country's elites disdainfully flout rules and regulations and mess things up for the regular joe.

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elmer said...

I like their slogan:

"one for all
all for one"

What can anyone expect when there are 2 different worlds in Zookraine, occupying the same territory?

1) the sovok mafia thugs in and out of government who do whatever the hell they want, and kill and maim the general population, and dogs and trees in the process

2) people who have been kept in fear and intimidation, and who have been brutalized by sovok mafia thugs