Monday, March 19, 2012

Homo neanderthalensis observed in Kyiv

On Sunday 18th March, mayoral elections were held in the small town of Obukhiv near Kyiv. There were lots of observers present because of a continuous stream of allegations of' election fraud.

But the election will be remembered for an incident that took place between the slightly built NUNS parliamentary deputy Iryna Herashchenko [who at one time had been president Yushchenko's press spokesperson], and a bull of a man, PoR deputy Petro Melnyk.

Herashchenko attended as an officially registered observer; Melnyk was apparently there as the PoR's mayoral candidate's main adviser.

After a brief dispute, Melnyk grabbed Herashchenko violently by the waist and tried to physically drive her out of the polling station. She was rescued by observers who were man-handled themselves in the scuffle. Observers from the U.S. Embassy were involved and saw what went on as well. [Video of the incident here]

At a press briefing today the leader of the Party of Regions' fraction leader Oleksandr Yefremov announced: "I have just spoken with deputy Melnyk and he says he is ready to apologize to his colleague, if she apologizes for having publicly called him [a rude name] in the polling station." [He added that physical violence is not acceptable in any form, and suggested Melnyk apologize.]

Later, Melnyk said: "Of course it was wrong that I did not conduct myself quite correctly with a woman. But Iryna Herashchenko herself was also wrong because she refused to obey the polling station commission to leave the polling station committee room, and not interfere with the work of the commission."

"In addition, on the video clip broadcast on the internet, you cannot hear she called me a boor [or Ukr 'Kham']," added Melnyk.

He does not seem to understand his absolutely inexcusable behaviour merely confirmed Herashchenko was actually being tactful just calling him a 'kham'. She has nothing to apologise for...he deserves far, far worse. Yefremov's comments reveal how out of touch he is with contemporary world attitudes.

It is an iron rule of 'F.N' not to descend to name-calling of despicable politicians so I am not going to break my rule even for the bloated neanderthal pig Melnyk. He has no place in politics..Incidentally, parliamentary deputy Melnyk is also a university rector, a doctor of economic science ...heaven help his female students...

An omen for autumn's parliamentary elections?

p.s. More on the appalling Oksana Makar rape case, and untouchable 'mazhory' from 'EUobserver' here

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