Monday, March 12, 2012

Lesson for Verkhovna Rada from British parliament

Last month in the British House of Commons, Labour MP Eric Joyce physically attacked four politicians in a drunken assault. He was arrested by police and charged.

After a court trial last week in which he pleaded guilty, Joyce was handed a 12-month community order. He was lucky to avoid imprisonment; fined £3,000 and told to pay £350 to each of his victims plus costs.

He was suspended from his party; today publicly apologised in the parliament chamber for his behaviour, then resigned from the Labour party.

Read more and see video of Joyce's personal parliamentary statement here. Despite his behaviour last month he remains a man of honour.

In Ukraine he could have been promoted to the cabinet of ministers - maybe as Minster of Defence, just like Dmytro Salamatin, who lead a vicious assault against opposition deputies in the Verkhovna Rada just over a year ago, resulting in several victims being hospitalised.

At the time Yanukovych dismissed the whole incident as merely a disagreement between men, emotions that boiled a bit out of hand... Perhaps only a president with such a deeply violent, criminal past would not be embarrassed to appoint Salamatin to head the MoD...

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p.s. "Council of Europe examines detention conditions and ill-treatment by police in Ukraine. Jagland concerned about Tymoshenko’s health"

Today's CoE press release here

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