Monday, December 02, 2013

Conflict resolution scenario

Following Sunday's tumultuous events in Kyiv and elsewhere my thoughts are these:

Thank goodness no-one has been killed.

It has been reported that one or two hundred demonstrators and law enforcement officers have received injuries of varying degrees, but most worryingly, several dozen of these were journalists merely doing their jobs. Nevertheless, matters have to be kept in proportion. Violence on this scale has been seen many times in other European capitals in previous could have been much, much worse. [But the brutal treatment of bona fide journalists is very worrying]

What could happen next?

One possibility is suggested by OdessaTalk blog. Because of desire for quick resolution by leading oligarchs, the government in parliament may not survive a vote of no confidence as many PoR deputies jump ship.

This would be good because the heads of PM Azarov, who froze the signing of the Association Agreement, and Minister of the Interior, Zakharchenko who must take responsibility for mindless scattering of Maidan early Saturday morning triggering Sundays mass turnout, have to roll.

A reorientated parliament could reign in the powers of the president, and start running the country in a more balanced manner.

Yanukovych was planning at least two presidential terms...he might not even last one term.

The next few days are critically important...

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elmer said...

The criminal thug "president" needs to resign or drop dead or choke on his yolka (the word he made up for "Christmas tree," because he is an illiterate buffoon; the tree is the pretext on which police brutally cleared Maidan - to make space for the yolka).

zAraza and his entire cabinet need to resign or drop dead or choke on yanusvoloch's yolka.

A new government needs to finally come into place.

The system needs to be changed, and the final steps for signing of the Association Agreement need to be taken.