Sunday, December 01, 2013

Party of Regions in turmoil

Putin's last meeting with Yanukovych took place in the most secret of circumstances in an unspecified location in Russia, according to some, to prevent any leaks or eavesdropping. Even senior Party of Regions figures were not informed about what was discussed.

After the debacle in Vilnius on Friday, Party of Regions, from being, by Ukrainian standards, a disciplined party, are suddenly in turmoil, e.g. as described by 'OdessaTalk' blogger.

Several PoR 'big beasts' have resigned from the party and  there are rumours 15 - 20 parliamentary deputies could go on Monday..

One of their most well known 'faces', Inna Bohoslovska, today has quite astonishingly spoken of a threat to the integrity and sovereignty of the country from Russia. She calls for the creation of a new majority in parliament, a new speaker, the dismissal of the Azarov government, calls for an extraordinary EU-Ukraine summit for the Association Agreement to be signed, and new presidential elections to be held. Otherwise she predicts bloodshed...

Head of the president's administration, Serhiy Lyovochkin has also allegedly resigned. His Inter TV station broadcast a dramatic 'ShusterLive' on Friday night, which was, temporarily brought down, when opposition leaders turned up. During the show the opposition guys were receiving text messages from Maidan, where fighting was taking place, and left. The government ministers, including deputy prime minister Vilkul, and foreign minister Kozhara were truly 'hammered'. Journalists who had been in Vilnius described the disgust expressed by European leaders behind the scenes after the non signing of the AA.

Unlike other tv channels, Lyovochkin's Inter broadcast a detailed report about the dramatic events on Maidan.

Most commentators expect another huge demo on Sunday in Kyiv..In Western Ukraine passions are running very high too.... a general strike is quite possible.

Yanukovych is scheduled to visit China on a state visit commencing 3rd December. If he goes, who knows what he will find when he returns...

So far he has given no message of hope, particularly on how the country will fare and where essential financial support will come from,  post Vilnius.


MattW said...

Please keep the updates coming!

elmer said...

Inna Boogooslonskaya is a shrieking shrew, a howling hyena.

This is not the first time that she has tried to give the appearance that she is not with the Bolshevik Regionnaires - but week after week, year after year, she winds up in Parliament and on talk shows with the Party of Regions.

She is insanely obsessed with keeping Tymoshenko in jail for life.

I do not trust at all.

Anonymous said...

OdessaTalk is an "Our Ukraine' Yushchenko propagandist. His assessment is certainly not free from bias.

Anything he has to say in the subject should only be digested with a grain or two of salt.