Sunday, December 29, 2013

Husband provides details of attempt on life of Tetyana Chornovol

Although there have been many reports on the dreadful assault on Tetyana Chornovol in English, .e.g. as in 'KyivPost' here and here  they have missed several important details.

Today Chornovol's husband, Mykola Berozovyi, was interviewed on the internet-based ''

He makes the following points, amongst others:

A second automobile, as well as the Porsche Cayenne, was used by the perpetrators in the attempt to force Chornovol's small Chevrolet into oncoming traffic on the busy Boryspil highway, in order to cause a head-on crash. No mention has been made of any second automobile in any official statement by official law enforcement bodies. [The authorities at first claimed it had been a 'road rage' incident..the presence of two vehicles would discount this theory and also would suggest a wider, planned conspiracy].

At least three traffic control video cameras were passed by Chornovol and her assailants as they drove along this highway, maybe many more. No mention has been made of any recordings to date, although one tv station has published a brief surveillance video from a filling station showing both Chornovol's automobile and the Porsche Cayenne which repeatedly rammed it shortly after, driving through.

Berezovyi revealed that Chornovol had been systematically followed in recent times, and at first considered the attending Porsche was just a continuation of this process. She was convinced that she would soon be arrested. She and her husband had used intrigue and set false trails to check and prove that her phone was being bugged. This constant surveillance must have been authorised and logged by senior law enforcement officials, but Berezovyi suggested that this vital evidence will never be revealed, for obvious reasons: no-one is about to incriminate themselves or their superiors.

He explained that the violent assault was certainly an attempt to kill his wife. She had been violently struck about the temples and face, hard enough to cause multiple, serious fractures, but nowhere else about her body. She was severely concussed and is still suffering from partial amnesia as a result. Her lungs contained a large quantity of blood so must have been unconscious when she was dumped by her assailants, and until she was found, providing more evidence she had been left for dead.

The video recorder in Chornovol's Chevrolet had only been installed two days previously - the assailants would not have known of its existence, so they made no attempt to remove it.

Berezovyi points the finger of suspicion at Kyiv 'Berkut' chief, Serhiy Kusyuk. Chornovol and Kusyuk had had several confrontations by the Kyiv city council building when it was stormed by Euromaidan supporters, and when 'Berkut' forces indiscriminately beat up peaceful demonstrators on the Euromaidan on the night of 30th November. Chornovol had punched Kusyuk in the liver in the melee, and this had been seen by many of his subordinates [She had made a monkey out of him, much to Kusyuk's embarrassment]

Berezovyi states the obvious when he asserts that those who commissioned the attempted murder of his wife will do everything possible to 'muddy the waters' and lay false trails in the investigation of this crime. He repeats [as does your blogger] what is often forgotten -  those who govern and control the country right now came to the fore in the murderous early and mid nineties in Donetsk, stepping over the corpses of dozens of prominent businessmen that had come to a grizzly end at that time.

The reason why virtually none of these crimes were ever solved was because law enforcement officials and the judiciary were colluding and provided cover to the perpetrators. Rubbing out the opposition by violent means is part of their modus operandi..

But Berezovyi does not rule out others in commissioning the attempt on his wife's life, and names Viktor Medvedchuk too.

The Porsche Cayenne had also tailed her hours before when she was returning from the house of Viktor Pshonka, the prosecutor-general, a few hours previously..

p.s. A fifth assailant has been detained - he has allegedly 'fessed up'. But unlike the other four suspects, his  name has been prevent independent investigators digging up evidence linking him to the commissioners of the crime?

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