Thursday, July 10, 2014

Akhmetov gets a visit from unwanted guests

On Tuesday, several journalists entered the grounds of Rinat Akhmetov's mansion in Kyiv's elite Koncha Zaspa district. Security men allowed them access following a demonstation by Maidan activists held at the mansion's huge ornamental gates. [Eight minute video of what occurred here]

A dozen or more Maidan activists managed to climb over the fence. They had been demanding Akmetov make clear who he supports - the Ukrainian state...or the Donetsk People's Republic separatists..Two of the activists took a dip in Akhmetov's swimming pool.

Several weeks ago a demonstation took place outside Akhmetov's mansion in Donetsk. Demonstrators were a whisker away from inviting themselves in...Akhmetov left him the city for reasons of personal safety.

Now this in Kyiv - demonstrators metaphorically 'peeing in his swimming pool'

[Photos here]

Akhmetov's security cannot be guaranteed in western countries. He could be linked to the alleged crimes of his old pal, former presidentViktor Yanukovych, that are currently under international investigation.

Akhmetov's power is haemorrhaging and room for manoeuvre dwindling.

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