Saturday, July 26, 2014

Beyond reasonable doubt

AP now provide the most detailed account to date of the shooting down  of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, in this report.

Their journalists happened to be on the spot last week when it occurred.

It is almost certain the highly trained crew that operated the Buk M-1 missile system used in the fatal attack were from Russia. Their monumental error was the result of the crew having to depend on moronic separatists who identified their target.

The Buk crew and their separatist collaborators had been seen by AP journalists wearing distinctly differing camo outfits.

Your humble blogger lives on top of a hill. On summer evenings he likes to watch the con trails of high-flying aircraft while sitting in the garden. Sometimes, in order to identify the aircraft and their destination, together with family members we get this readily available data from website in a matter of seconds.

We tracked Yanukovych's air liner as it fled from Kyiv in February...[he was not on board]

A 10-year old armed with a simple compass can can use it, but the morons in Snizhne who killed 300 innocents were not capable...

Some pompous commentators who should know better claim: "The downing of flight MH17 was clearly an accident. " ..shame on them.

p.s. Is the the delay by AP in posting of this story due them submitting all their information to appropriate aviation investigative bodies, and agreeing to 'sit tight for one week' before publishing?

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