Monday, July 21, 2014

Horrors yet to be revealed

After a truly diabolical last few days, an indication of possible fresh horrors yet to be revealed: From the superb "The Interpreter":

"Ukrainian Police Discover Mass Grave in Slavyansk
22:22 (GMT)

A mass grave has been found in the city of Slavyansk, recently re-taken by Ukrainian military as pro-Russian separatists fled, Information Resistance reported, citing the TV station

"In Slavyansk, I met with the group for the Interior Ministry's criminal investigation department. They discovered a burial ground with civilians of Slavyansk who had been tortured to death. There were dozens of them. They were tortured, stabbed, and burned alive. Now there are witnesses to all of this," said Yury Lutsenko, advisor to the president on TSN.
In recent weeks there have been reports in Western media and by human rights watchdog Amnesty International of kidnappings, torture and disappearances in Slavyansk and other towns in southeastern Ukraine under control of pro-Russian separatists. Ukrainian forces have also been alleged to mistreat detainees."

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