Thursday, January 13, 2005

Poland and Lithuania doing Washington's bidding?

About reports that the President of the EU Parliament (he now says he was misunderstood) had made the claim that the Polish and Lithuanian presidents had intervened in Ukraine on behalf of the US, this article, The Baltic Times- NEWS FROM ESTONIA,LATVIA AND LITHUANIA, says

"Still, it is difficult to see how someone claiming that another country acted under U.S. influence could be misinterpreted. Borrell, a member of PM Jose Zapatero's Social Democratic Party, is likely to have deep reservations about the United States, particularly the current White House administration, and may resent the strong relations that East European countries maintain with it. Whatever the case, he and other Western European leaders need to grasp one irrefutable reality: the EU's new neighbors understand - and therefore trust - countries like Poland and Lithuania more than, say, Spain and Belgium. Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine share a common history, and the former two have helped the latter in its efforts to become integrated in European structures. Borrell's reported suggestion that Poland and Lithuania should not have been involved is utterly wrong. Their presence was far more pertinent than Solana's. "

I think this is right. The EU did nothing but look to force a compromise of some sort--an agreement, they would have called it. (I posted on this here.)

Looks like there is more potential for a division in the EU. All is not sweetness and light there and never has been.

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