Saturday, January 08, 2005


You know, I read an article like this--Outside View: America's Ukraine folly--and wonder in the end just what it is we are fighting for. If it is survival, a grim, dirty death struggle to be the last man standing, what will be left that will be worth having survived for? Though this may not be popular at all, there are things that used to be considered worse than death. To have purchased your survival at the cost of everything else or at the cost of principles was seen as worse by far. That is what made Thomas More a hero. Today he would be considered a fool?


Anonymous said...

During Reagan's time, I am sure that the article's author would have the first to oppose his views. America has to play to win not to appease. (If you want peace, prepare for war.) And a main premise of the article is incorrect - that there is no current Cold War. It never went away for Putin/Kremlin. Personally, I think that the whole situation is stupid based on it being post-Soviet communism. Unfortunately, the mindset remains.

Anonymous said...


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Dave in L.A. said...

This guy is about as blindered as I've seen, and is pretty far from mainstream. I'd use stronger language, but if I do I'll post it under my own banner.

If it helps, guys like him carry no weight in Washington, and this kind of trash is an embarrassment to most of us conservatives. I know the Washington Times has some "America-first" readers, but this guy is further out there than Pat Buchanan.

Keep the faith.