Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Warrant for Julia?

I just went back to the Interpol site to do a search for any warrants on Julia Tymoshenko. During the revolution, the Russian authorities were growling about how she was a criminal and that they were about to issue the warrant on her for the crimes she had committed. They kept talking about it and there were articles and letters to the editor about how she was a criminal and a scofflaw. (See here, for instance.)

Those defending her said that it was politically motivated. The response by the Russian authorities at the time? "The warrant is imminent."

Well, it must still be imminent because there is not hide nor hair of it on the Interpol site. I searched "Tymoshenko" and "Timoshenko" and then looked for any warrants issued by the Russian Federation. There were none.

I guess we'll have to wait some more and see, but the more time passes and no warrant is issued, the more it looks like it was politically motivated.

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