Friday, May 05, 2006

Impulses from the Prez?

On Friday Yushchenko is to meet the leaders of the political forces which will make up the new Parliament - Tymoshenko, Moroz, Yekhanurov, Yanukovych and Symonenko. He promised to apply maximum effort, in order that the process of formation of a [ruling] coalition "receives a new impulse, and is completed in the nearest one or two weeks."

He had previously spoken of a coalition being formed by the last weeks in June. Whether this new 'impulse' is in response to Tymoshenko's and Moroz's joint letter which was submitted yesterday, is unclear. [see yesterday's blog]

Yushchenko's made his remarks in Vilnius, while attending the "Common Vision For A Common Neighborhood” conference together with the 'great and good,' including Javier Solana, Dick Cheney, and heads of state of neighbouring countries. Has someone been whispering in his ear?

Meanwhile Head of PR political council, the odious Mykola Azarov who some say is an old pal of Poroshenko, announced that it has sent their version of a coalition agreement to all of the parliamentary parties. My impression is that since the elections their heart has not really been into this 'coalition-building' thing. The problem is who do they speak to? There is no chance of them dealing with BYuT. And as for NSNU, well Bezsmertny and Zvarych say its too late for deals, and yet Poroshenko and Yekhanurov are offering different messages.

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Anonymous said...

So any idea whether Cheney's words of rebuke to Putin and Russia were good or bad ideas, at least as it goes for Ukraine?