Friday, March 23, 2007

Authorities' O.R. tactics against students being repeated?

Yuriy Lutsenko's 'People self-defence' movement says that the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science recommends all Zhitomir city's secondary and higher educational institutions to conduct state monitoring exercises to check their students' progress at a time that coincide with Lutsenko's scheduled public meeting in Zhitomir.

According to 'People self-defence' press-service, on 21st March a telegram with the signature of Minister Stanislav Nikolayenko was sent to Zhitomir on the conducting of monitoring exercises on Friday 23rd March, at 17:30 hours. Lutsenko is due to appear in the Korolov square in that town at 18.00 hours as part of a nationwide tour. An interview on local TV is also planned.

During the Orange Revolution similar tactics were frequently used against students to hinder their attendance at opposition events or public meetings in any particular town.

If this is true then it merely reveals the stupidity of the authorities - clearly they must fear Lutsenko. Students seldom 'back the wrong horse.' Meat-heads like Minister of Internal Affairs Tsushko [see photo] and Nikolayenko never learn.


An article in 'Donbass' comparing the economy of the Donbas region with the remainder of the country includes this:

"Because of the corruption, and for other reasons, direct foreign investments (FDI) so far have largely passed Ukraine by. Nevertheless in the years since independence they have amounted to 21,2 billion dollars in total. In 2006 the figure was 4,3 billion dollars.

Figures for the Donetsk region are respectively 837,1 and 272,4 million dollars. Last year FDI reached record levels, exceeding those of 2005 by 3,3 times.

According to statistics, the greatest activity in this sphere was demonstrated by the British Virgin islands, located in the Caribbean. From there, 182,4 million dollars entered the country - 115,2 million dollars more than the previous year. Among other major investors were Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Cyprus, and the USA.

The Virgin Islands comprise forty islands with a total area of the land of 153 square kilometers and with the population of 18 thousand people..[hmm..]

And 'Regionaly' have gained control of both of Ukraine's state banks - 'Oshchadbank' and 'UkrEksImBank'. I posted previously on the Klyuyev brothers' attempts to do this recently. The Oschadbank's new CEO and head of the supervisory council are both men from the brothers' 'Aktivbank' - 38th largest in the country - big jump for them.

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Sergei said...

To the best of my knowledge, the British Virgin Islands were a very popular offshore spot for the nouveau riche from Russia and Eastern Ukraine in the mid-90's. So probably they're just putting the money to work in their home country again.