Sunday, March 25, 2007

PoR threaten Lutsenko

PoR has posted a clunky 'strongly worded statement' [oooh!] filled with vintage '50's Soviet-style rhetoric, condemning declarations made by the ex-Minister of Internal affairs Yuri Lutsenko at a public meeting in Zhytomyr yesterday, and threatening that he will be called to account for them.

The PoR statement claims three forces drive 'People's self-defence' movement leader Lutsenko: cynicism, hatred, and a pathological need to destroy everyone and everything.

"Only a person stung by a pathological hatred to those who does not share his views is capable of demonstrating such a level of abuse towards authorities who are consistently leading the country's economy from a state of chaos onto the path of normal development.

Calling this 'avantyurizm' would be the correct definition of this phenomenon...Lutsenko has descended to loutish [khamskykh] comments directed at the acting government and its leader, no doubt in the expectation that the government and PM will lower themselves to his level. [Yanukovych's nickname when he spent 3 1/2 years in prison as a youth was 'kham' He has allegedly frequently used violence towards fellow ministers - LEvko]

He [Lutsenko] will be held responsible by the people he is calling to the barricades and who could succumb to this provocation. They will certainly ask him: in who's name are you inciting us to break up Ukraine? And indisputably punishment will be fair.."

The leader of "People's self-defence" Yuri Lutsenko had demanded at the meeting that prime minister Viktor Yanukovych give a report about his work in Kabmin over the year, "Victor Fedorovych, it is time to answer for the disorder! Either give us improvement - or go!", said Lutsenko, [referring to last year's PoR's election slogan.]

On the nascent coalition of national unity, Lutsenko said, "This is not the coalition of national unity, but a coalition of national traitors". The leader of "People self-defence" also issued a call to people present at the Zytomyr meeting to turn to VR speaker Oleksandr Moroz and ask: "What is the rate of exchange for pieces of silver today?", and also called Anatoliy Kinakh, who recently dumped NSNU to a accept a seat in the KabMin, a robot [dear oh dear..]

PoR are Lutsenko's best recruiting sergeants - their American PR advisers and spin doctors must be pulling their hair out.

p.s. Police detained Lutsenko's lawyer, who was present when Lutsenko's apartment was searched, for several hours yesterday.


Anonymous said...

I have been wondering as well what the American advisers think about all this. I wonder how much/what information is provided to them (don't think they read Ukrainian or Russian.) And the info. in english is sparse and certainly does not cover the popularity of Lutsenko (except for Eurasia Daily monitor piece). But then again who is advising Tsushko? and how many layers of channels is it going through?

Somehow the word 'aventurism' does not convey the full meaning of the word in Ukrainian/Russian. Translating is really difficult.

But again and as always thanks for getting the word out!

LEvko said...

Thanks for your comment. Yes Avantyurism could be translated as troublemaking, but in Ukr/Russian context means much more. To be called an avantyurist in Stalin's time was a very serious matter indeed - almost an enemy of the state.