Saturday, March 31, 2007

Yushchenko's spells out his demands

President Viktor Yushchenko promised at today's NU party conference to sign an 'ukaz' dismissing the VR "if the process of formation of a [ruling] coalition by anti-constitutional means does not end."

"If the activity of the majority is not renewed on a constitutional basis, I will sign an ukaz to dissolve parliament," said the president, appealing to the majority coalition of national unity [CNU] to 'end the process of usurpation of authority'.

Yushchenko demanded that at the next session of the VR, a decision be made to curtail the formation of the coalition on the basis of individual membership, and that the VR passes a law on the imperative mandate for VR deputies. The CNU is to ensure that 'all resonant matters' be examined 'without hindrance' in the Constitutional Court.

The head of state demanded the government and CNU ends 'politization of the law-enforcement agencies', and highly-placed officials who are not carrying out their duties satisfactorily in these law-enforcement agencies, be dismissed.

He demanded the constitutional reform process begin immediately and a united constitution committee begin its work next week. All changes in constitution must be discussed by April or May this year. The second stage of constitutional reform must be realized by autumn of this year.

Yushchenko noted that the positions set out in 'Universal' of national unity should be fixed in legislation, and a new version of law on the Cabinet of Ministers which takes into account the proposals of Head of The State must be accepted.

He added that after a compromise on these key issues between the President, the speaker of the VR and the KabMin is found, a new mechanism of collaboration should be agreed.

Negotiations are due to start on Monday.

Yushchenko has laid out his position clearly. The PoR-led coalition of national unity are firmly entrenched in power already, so could make concessions.
Tonight's opposition rally in the Maidan was well attended, strengthening Yushchenko's hand and putting pressure on the coalition to compromise.

A report in English from 'IHT' here.

[Many of the BYuT and NSNU VR deputies that, for various reasons, have already, or are considering drifting over to the Coalition of National Unity are high power businessmen. Their presence in the CNU could cause internal disturbances, e.g. it deprives the Communists of their casting vote. The 'new boys' are demanding a high price - Anatoliy Kinakh received a seat in the KabMin as Minister of Economics, which probably has upset some PoR pretenders for this position. None of them are keen on early elections. Some of the so-far loyal NU deputies like Petro Poroshenko do not want early elections either.]

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