Monday, August 20, 2007

BYuT's back-stabbing friends..

At a meeting in Pavlograd today [Monday] Yuliya Tymoshenko declared to those present:

"First, do not to scatter your votes.. there are [only] three parties, which count in the elections - they are, unfortunately, Party of Regions, Our Ukraine- People's Self-defence, and our force. There's a big question mark hanging over the Communists since they combined with oligarchic capital."

Replying to a question, whether she believes in her partners "Our Ukraine," Tymoshenko answered:

"I want to believe in our partners, but for greater certainty it would be a good thing if our force obtained 226 deputies [i.e. a VR majority]. And then there would be both a democratic coalition, and the support of the President; and not a situation where they stick a knife in your back, and afterward say that this is friendship".

Tymoshenko complained that for the last 10 years she has been blamed for all of the country's misfortunes: "Well come on, how long can I be that daughter-in-law...? How long was I in power?" she asked the audience. [In family arguments in Ukraine it is always the daughter-in-law that is traditionally to blame for all woes.]

Furthermore, according to Tymoshenko, if a position of power was paramount for her, then she "could have been vice- premier under Kuchma and premier under the orange clans."

Also today, Yushchenko held a rather grand 'alfresco' press-conference. Riding 'shotgun' was his hard-boiled press secretary.. Some good photos here .

When asked about a possible PoR/NS-NU coalition he was vague, to say the least. "I do not welcome any kind of partial uniting of anyone to someone. We need to think what we can unite around. The authorites, to a large extent, should base themselves on key positions which are being formed in the opposition forces." hmm..

At least you know what Tymoshenko thinks of the others, and what she wants.

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