Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pres's quick reaction to BYuT's election shut-out

The deputy head of president Yushchenko's secretariat, the pres's representative in the Constitutional Court and in the Central Election Commission, Maryna Staviychuk today emphasized that BYuT's electoral lists submitted and rejected by the CEC, did satisfy the required norms. Staviychuk was deputy head of the CEC for a time also. The statement has been posted on the presidential website.

[For background see this, and my yesterday's posting.]

Eight members of the CEC have today signed a statement declaring: " The organization of public pre-election agitation under the walls of the CEC by those persons who have no right to conduct political electioneering under the law, we consider a provocation. Financing and conducting such actions is illegal."

Several hundred BYuT supporters are picketing the CEC building.

p.s. According to the CEC's official timetable for the September 30th VR elections, nominations of candidates have to be in by 40 days before election day i.e. 20th August...

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