Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yulka reacts to Dniproenergo grab

Whilst campaigning in the Kirovohrad oblast today, leader of BYuT, Yuliya Tymoshenko appealed to the President, to prime minister Yanukovych, and to the State property fund, to react to yesterday's transfer of the greatest producer of electric power in eastern Ukraine, Dniproenergo, to companies owned by Rinat Akhmetov. [See my previous blog for background]

"Yesterday it was announced that Dniproenergo has fallen into the hands of enterprises owned by Rinat Akhmetov for almost nothing, and without any commitment for further investment," said Tymoshenko.

"So practically all of Ukraine's power generation has passed 'from under the hammer' - they acquired it practically for kopecks. And we saw how government works as one with business," added Tymoshenko.

She expressed outrage that not one central television channel in Ukraine has given adequate coverage to this crooked deal, and that there has been a total absence of reaction from any leaders of government.

In the opinion of Tymoshenko, "If this sort of thing continues further, even if there is a change of government, Akhmetov will remain the owner of Ukraine. Such monopolization should be impermissable under any circumstances," she emphasized.
She warned that, "In a month, I think, nevertheless there will be a change in government, and our political force will put in their place all of those enterprises, which are hurredly filling their pockets right now, for next to nothing."

"They will all be returned to state." assured Tymoshenko, adding, "I have never seen such brazen lawlessness as has taken place in recent months in Ukraine."

BYuT's campaign seems to be making an impression. The reputable Luhansk-based Irtafax site asks site visitors: Whose party's electorate is the most active?
To date Socialists have received 'nul points', NU-NS 18 votes, PoR 86, Communists 261, and BYuT 415. Only a bit of fun, I know, but interesting nevertheless.

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Kyiv Post put out an article but you beat them to it. Congrats!

"Akhmetov snaps up energo stake"