Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Political uncertainty grows with Ohryzko's dismissal

According to her official website, "Yulia Tymoshenko consider Volodymyr Ohryzko deserved to be dismissed from his position as Minister of Foreign Affairs."

"As a minister, Ohryzko didn't particularly suit me. This is a person who was unprofessional, a person who systematically concerned himself with provocations against the government," she declared.

"But at the same time, taking into account the attitude of the fraction, in which all 155 wanted to vote for Ohryzko's dismissal, we turned to the fraction [asking them] not to vote," she added.

In the event, 49 BYuT deputies "could not control their emotions" and voted with 174 PoR and 27 Communist deputies to 'dump' Ohryzko.

NUNS, who are BYuT's partners in the current parliamentary coalition, are mightily p*$$ed.

Is this another false start for a PR-BYuT coalition, or not?


Anonymous said...

I would not jump to any conclusion or guess that this is a jump start to any coalition between BYuT and PoR.

Volodymyr Ohryzko deserved to be dismissed. He had acted unprofessional by undermining the government and the parliament.

Ukraine's Foreign policy is determined by the Parliamentary majority. Yushchenko and the Minister of Foreign Affairs are responsible to represent and administer the policy as determined by the parliament.

Volodymyr Ohryzko had committed the same hanging offense of his earlier predecessor Boryis. Any western government would have acted the same in dismissing him. It was amazing that he lasted this long given his mistakes. As Yulia said in a recent interview the only reason he survived this long was because of other priorities that demanded more urgent attention at the time. he has only himself to blame.

This is Yushchenko's chance to reinstate Yatseniuk at least he administered his duties with a higher degree of professionalism. Certainly more then the other FMs

elmer said...

Tymoshenko is trying to have it both ways.

It seems to me that Ohryzko stood up for Ukraine when Chernomyrdin, the Russian ambassador to Ukraine, made his stupid, undiplomatic remarks.

Then Yushchenko gave the command that the diplomatic corps should go forth and preach the gospel throughout the world about how bad Tymo's government is.

So Ohryzko gets caught in the middle of a fights between 2 skunks.

These maggots just can't get it through their heads that there is a crisis.

They can't get it through their heads that they don't have to like each other, they just have to set goals and work together to deal with the crisis.

And if they can't set goals - which they don't seem to be able to do, because they are pissing and shitting at each other so much in Ukraine's Ultimate Fight Club - then they ought to listen to the IMF, which has already set goals for them.

Anonymous said...

Reinstate Yats? What are you on about? He doesn't want the stupid job. He's running for President.

Anonymous said...

There is no way Yatseniuk can be elected without the support of Yulia Tymoshenko or Party of Regions, he will not survive the first round of voting. Like Yushchenko failed hopes Dream on..