Thursday, March 12, 2009

RUE's gas was sold to Naftohaz after all..

Glavred publish what they claim is a copy of a contract, dated 6th February 2009, signed by both Gazprom and Naftohaz Ukrainy officials, which declares that Gazprom has transferred ownership of 11BnCM of gas in Ukraine's underground reservoirs to Naftohaz for $1.7Bn.

Looks like the president and his SBU guys made a mistake.

All that Firtash possibly has left now is kompromat..


Anonymous said...

So what's the mistake? RUE's claim was that Gazprom has no business transfering gas owned by RUE without RUE's signatures.

Anonymous said...

The Question is was it RUE's gas in the first place? It would even more so that this is a civil dispute that should be resolved by the courts and not unilaterally judged and executed by the president using state troopers as a personal tax/party collection agency. Yushchenko should first seek a ruling form the courts before he send in the army to protect his mates/backers

elmer said...

To state the obvious -
the mistake was the abuse of government.

The mistake was the order to conduct a Gestapo/KGB raid by government armed special swat team forces on Naftohaz, all for the sake of trying to support the business interests of one man - Firtash.

Firtash is a business buddy of Khoroshkovsky, and Yushchenko, for some unknown mysterious reason, has also been supporting Firtash. Yushchenko's wife and family have been the recipients of private jet rides to Belgium, and possibly more, from Firtash.

The mistake was that there was a contract that was signed transferring the gas.

The mistake was that Firtash had already filed lawsuits in Stockholm and elsewhere to try to support his false claim, and officials in the Ukrainian government - business buddy Khoroshkovsky and President Yushchenko - abused the government, by ordering the use of force against Naftohaz, for the sole benefit of a corrupt crook - Firtash.

Do I have to spell out the obvious even more before it sinks in through your stupid thick skull?

Or do you advocate that abuse of government and corruption should simply continue to be the order of the day in Ukraine?

Anonymous said...

The government though has put their hands on the the gas. Firtash claims he can't send it to Poland etc as contracted. What good will going to court do? In Ukraine they're all fixed. By the time Stokholm even starts hearing the case the gas will long have been burnt.

elmer said...

Firtash should have thought of all that before he started his corrupt schemes.

Firtash should not have made promises he couldn't keep.

What good will going to a Ukraine court do, because they're all fixed?

Well, Firtash was one of those who participated in making the courts "fixed."

That's why he went to Stockholm.

Firtash and his fellow ilk in Ukraine were happy to create a corrupt system - and to avoid the corrupt system they created when it counted (by going to Stockholm).

Firtash and his fellow corruptioneers made their bad - now let them lie in it.

Як постелеш - так будеш спати.

I don't know why anyone would have sympathy for Firtash, Kolomoisky, Pinchuk, Hayduk, Akhmetov, or for any of their ilk - they had a blast robbing Ukraine.

I have no sympathy for Firtash - none whatsoever.

"As ye sow, so shall ye reap."

"What goes around, comes around."

Firtash is a corrupt thug who hurt Ukraine. He needs to find another line of work.

Anonymous said...

He's obviously doing better than you elmer, perhaps its you who needs to find another line of work!! Alot of Hot Air, no substance, give us some proof knucklehead!!

elmer said...

well, the last time I checked, I wasn't spending money for lawyers in Stockholm trying to get back gas that I didn't own.

And I wasn't sending Robert Shetler-Jones, who is an instrumental part of RUE, and a shyster from England, to try to public relations my way back into gas I didn't own.

Just check the Kyiv Post for pronouncements from the shyster, Robert Shetler-Jones.

And I wasn't sitting around a computer and calling myself "Anonymous", cheerleading for a corrupt crook named Firtash.

So I'm obviously doing better than you, putz.

Anonymous said...

elmer- you are charles tannock and I claim my 5 grivna.