Friday, March 27, 2009

PoR's Spring offensive

Party of Regions' official site carries this:

"On March 27 one hundred days allotted by the Party of Regions to the authorities to improve the situation in the country elapse. The authorities displayed their failure to fight against the crisis. And the people tell these authorities: “Your time has passed – it is time to answer!”

On March 27 at 12 a.m. come to Independence Square in Kyiv. Say your ‘no’ to these authorities!"

Apart from demos, PoR it seems, are now quite keen on early parliamentary elections too.

"Businessmen from PoR who, last Autumn did not insist on early elections, have now changed their point of view. They have become convinced that for each day under the present authorities the Ukrainian economy is losing more than it would as a result early elections in the Autumn", claims one political scientist quoted in an article in 'Segodnya'.
"Clear[er] plans will be formed depending on the extent of support for Friday's protest actions, and also on reciprocal actions undertaken by Tymoshenko", says another politolog.

One of BYuT's leaders, Mykola Tomenko, also sees a direct link between Friday's protests and early elections - he has even named June 7th as the concrete date for elections. According to his information the President's secretariat has been greatly encouraged by the success of Viktor Baloha's 'United Center' party in the recent Ternopil local elections, and they are preparing for general elections on this date. Oleh Tyahnybok, leader of the 'Svoboda' party who stormed to victory in the Ternopil local elections has spoke of June general elections to 'Segodnya' too.

'Segodnya' speculates that BYuT could accept previously unacceptable conditions and propose the creation of a parliamentary coalition with PoR in the current VR in order to eliminate the possibility of such early elections. Whether there are enough PoR deputies ready to agree to this is unclear.

I wonder if the man in the street has much stomach for such demonstrations in Ukraine at the moment?

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