Saturday, April 11, 2009

Latest speculations

Yushchenko may not be standing for re-election in the next pres elections..

But there are major rumblings of discontent both within PoR, and within BYuT. Rinat Akhmetov may be becoming disillusioned with PoR leader Yanukovych, and warming toward YuVT..

And Yulia T may be flying to Moscow to meet her Russian counterpart, Vladimir P, soon. Yesterday they had a break-through telephone conversation..

'Segodnya', who refer to her as "Lady Yu", and "our premier" claim, "Decisive in the change of the relationship [between the Russian and Ukrainian government] was the position of the Russian premier, Vladimir Putin who appears to be the main lobbyist for friendship with Tymoshenko, whilst at the same time president Medvedev and number of leading Russian politicians, whose attitude to Yulia Volodymyrivna is sceptical, say she cannot be trusted..."

Maybe more detail on the above tomorrow..

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