Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Chornovil on Yanukovych's psychological flaws

Taras Chornovil, until recently, through bad times and good, one of Viktor Yanukovych's closest aides, [but let it be said, serial switcher of political affilations] has written a damning analysis of his former boss in an article in 'U.P.' tonight.

He highlights major psychological flaws in the presidential favourite's character and describes a man of limitless greed, riven with phobia's about his past, terrified of assassination; a man out of his depth as president, who has regressed since 2004 to a state where he is now controlled by a coterie of advisers and is almost incapable of freely expressing a political opinion without the use of cribs. The tone of the article is not vindictive, but is rather chilling, written almost out of pity for the man.

Essential reading..There will, no doubt be much more on this...

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